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How does MYRC work?

Glad you asked! Let's go through it.

Stability you can trust

This means...

MYRC ensures a seamless 1:1 redemption with the Malaysian Ringgit.

Our reserves undergo rigorous audits by certified Malaysian accountants.

Each MYRC token is fully backed by MYR held in a secure licensed bank account.

Real-world currency on a 1-to-1 basis.

Each circulating MYRC token is backed by an equivalent amount of MYR in separate licensed bank accounts.

How is $MYRC issued?

01. Mint

MYRC is created by BLOX on the Ethereum Blockchain*.

*a public ledger that records all on-chain transactions which involve MYRC.

02. Hold

Hedge against the volatility of your crypto-assets by holding MYRC, as stable as the Ringgit.

03. Redeem

Redeem MYRC to MYR at any time. MYRC is that is redeemed will be removed from circulation.

Receive and payout in fiat & MYRC.

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