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MYRC is a stablecoin that is backed 1-to-1 by Malaysian Ringgit and offers complete transparency and trust. With MYRC, users can seamlessly receive and payout in both fiat and MYRC, enabling them to manage their finances more efficiently.

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Web 3.0 payment infrastructure for digital assets.

MYRC enables Malaysian blockchain innovators and creators to develop new and innovative blockchain products with ease, by removing payment-related concerns.

100% backed and fully transparent

We ensure all MYRC tokens are 1-to-1 backed by MYR, safely stored in a monitored licensed bank account.

The total circulating amount will be monitored through an open transaction ledger on the Public Ethereum Blockchain. Third-party attestation of MYRC reserve assets will be published by an independent third-party accounting firm.

MYRC for everyone



Facilitate the conversion of MYR to MYRC for customers to securely hold and trade on-chain.



Transfer funds and conduct cross-border transactions while also leveraging the benefits of decentralized finance and Web3 techonology by using MYRC.



Enable businesses to adopt blockchain technology and compete in the global market, by removing the barriers of entry often associated with developing blockchain-based products.


MYRC is a digital stablecoin developed by BLOX that is pegged 1-to-1 with the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). It combines the advantages of blockchain technology with the stability of a fiat currency, providing a secure and reliable digital payment solution in Malaysia.

MYRC is fully backed by MYR fiat currency held in reserve. This means that for every MYRC token in circulation, an equivalent amount of MYR is securely stored to ensure the stability and redeemability of MYRC at any time.

Using MYRC offers several benefits. It provides a stable and reliable digital currency for everyday transactions, reducing the risks associated with price volatility. MYRC also enables fast and cost-effective cross-border payments, eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries and reducing transaction fees.

The primary way to obtain MYRC is by creating a free account with BLOX. Once you have signed up and completed the necessary verification process, you will have access to the BLOX platform, where you can securely purchase and manage MYRC tokens.

Yes, one of the unique features of MYRC is its redeemability. As a holder of MYRC, you have the option to redeem your tokens for an equivalent amount of Malaysian Ringgit. BLOX provides a straightforward redemption process, allowing you to convert your MYRC back to MYR and withdraw it to your bank account, providing you with flexibility and liquidity.

Receive and payout in fiat & MYRC.

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